Folly Beach Dances

A day spent on the beach is a universally relaxing and joyful experience!


If you could spend a perfect day at the beach and name it with a dance, what dance would it be?

Join Sheree and Russell Nielsen on a photographic journey inspired by Sheree’s previously published essay, Beach Dances, to find out.

A 2015 da Vinci Eye Award winner, Folly Beach Dances combines the couple’s lovDSC_0380 -1 Sheree and Russell blk and whitee affair with Folly Beach, South Carolina, along with lyrical movements and universal beauty – expressed through dance names.   It tells the story of sandpipers, babies, dogs, and yes, even structures moving in infinite rhythm.

Literary interpretations from award-winning women authors, including the couple, accompany their lyrical photographs of Folly Beach.

Diagnosed with lymphoma in June 2012, Sheree is donating 10 percent of every book sale to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Deb Kersting, the Gateway Chapter Director of LLS in St. Louis, has written the foreword for the book.

The couple has dedicated the ‘healing’ coffee table book to beach lovers, dancers, dreamers, the residents of Folly Beach, and those with ailments.


Praise for Folly Beach Dances

Folly Beach Dances evokes beautiful imagery, touching on all the senses. Viewing the gorgeous photography and reading the lyrical prose will have you smelling salty air and feeling sand between your toes. It’s the perfect antidote for a cold winter day as it will transport you to the lush South Carolina Lowcountry and a summer spent along the Atlantic Ocean in Folly Beach.”

~ Karen White, New York Times bestselling author of Return to Tradd Street

* * *

“A breathtaking visual treat. Nielsen has the unique ability to turn a 2D photo collection into a 3D experience.”

Sandra Carrington-Smith, bestselling author of The Book of Obeah

* * * 

Folly Beach Dances is beautiful, inspirational, amazing. With stunning photography, poetry and prose, it will spark the creative edge inside you.  Do something wonderful for yourself and your spirit, and enjoy Folly Beach Dances.”

~ Tracy Hoobyar, Living Hope Health

* * *

“A wonderful collection of photos that evoke a sense of freedom and happiness. Each image allows the viewer to get lost in a peaceful place, completely unchained from life’s burdens.  With the skies, sand, waves and wildlife, no sea shell is required to hear the sounds of the beach.”

Max Gersh, staff photographer, Rockford Register Star

* * *

“Each image and its inspired words speak to the alluring pull of Mother Ocean, the sometimes magical synergy of man and nature, or the indomitable playfulness of the human spirit.

~ Dianna Graveman, MFA, Editor, Author, and Educator

 * * *

“Sheree and Russell’s photographs, and literary reflections sculpted by the couple and women author friends, transport me to the South Carolina shoreline, feeling the air, hearing the sounds, and seeing the light rays dancing in the water. Amazing!

~ Craig Burhart, Indepth Watersports

* * *

“If this book doesn’t make you grin, you should see a doctor. My cousin manages an extraordinary feat in her latest work.  Her photos evoke the power of Mother Nature and our relationships, all the while reminding us of the true meaning of life on the beach: copious amounts of fun.”

~ Joe Palazzolo, reporter, The Wall Street Journal


“In a harmonic blend of artful whimsy, great photography and delightful writing, Folly Beach Dances is a wonderful tribute to a beautiful travel destination and the unbridled joy in Sheree Nielsen’s everyday spirit. The book is an inspiration to those who have forgotten how to hear the music, or who never learned to dance.”

~ Deborah Marshall, Founder, Warrior Arts Alliance, and past president, Missouri Writers Guild

Copyright 2015 by Ocean Spirit, LLC.   All rights reserved.

Ocean Spirit waves - cropped for spine


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Support your local libraries with your books

It’s important as a writer and author, that we support our libraries (whether local or nationwide) and give back in the form of our published books.

Just think how many people you can reach with donating one of your books?

Here’s a pic of Folly Beach Dances catalogued into the Schlafy Branch of the St. Louis Public Library on Euclid Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. Kenneth Hardcastle, Adult Services Provider for the Library, emailed this photo.

The ‘healing’ coffee table book looks quite nice next to it’s other shelf mates. Don’t you think?

Remember to dance,


ShereeIMG_1579 catalogued at Schlafy library



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Awards, Booksignings, and Libraries

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile, but my life has been all about taking care of Miss Adeline and her kitten babies. And I promise to post pics real soon, as three have already been adopted out to wonderful families. Here’s a pic of all six with momma.

DSC_1264 Elvis and Patric side cpyrBut for now, I’d like to give you updates on my writing.

Hubby attended a lovely author event and booksigning at the Schlafy Branch of the St. Louis Public Library while I was away at the Missouri Writer’s Conference Guild on April 30, in Kansas City. I received two writing awards that weekend — Third Place for Best Magazine Article published in AAA Southern Traveler, “How Sweet It Is”, and Second Place for Best Poem published in Well Versed Literary Works 2015 for my poem, “Steadfast”, about my mom.

When I returned home from the conference, I was pleased to find that Kenneth Hardcastle emailed a pic of FOLLY BEACH DANCES being integrated into the library.

This past Sunday, I attended the Well Versed Literary Works 2016 booksigning event in Columbia, Missouri, and received Second Place for Nonfiction for my essay titled “The Stranger” about an incident where a stranger lurked in my parent’s basement when I was a young child. It came with a cash award, which made me smile.


Finally, we’re doing a FOLLY BEACH DANCES booksigning event at the Roasted Bean, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturday June 18, at 441 Main Street, Troy, Missouri. Roasted Bean only serves Blue Print roasters coffee (from U City loop) — the best espresso around. So stop by, learn about our sea-inspired coffee table book of photography and poetry, and sip a great cup of java!

If you can’t make it to the signing you can order books on Amazon, or purchase in South Carolina or Missouri. Just check the book’s website for availability.

Peace out and love,


Flyer for Photo Exhibit and Booksigning - FBD roasted bean final 2

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It’s Finally Here – Writer’s Week at Troy Buchanan High School

It’s here!

Russell and I will be presenting at Troy Buchanan High, Wednesday, March 16 for Writer’s Week.

With 2 sessions scheduled, there will be about 200 students in attendance.

I’ve never spoken in front of that many teenagers before. Deep breaths…

We’ll be among other well-known authors such as Zip Rzeppa and Annie England Noblin (Sit! Stay! Speak!)

Wish me luck and say a prayer.


Click on the link to the Troy Buchanan website.


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So Excited – Troy Buchanan High School, Writer’s Week

I am so excited to tell you that Russell and I will be speaking to about 100 students at Troy Buchanan High School for 2 breakout sessions on March 16 during Writer’s Week.

We hope to tell the students about the journey of Folly Beach Dances, the components that went into making the book, share some poems and photographs, and get them in touch with other writing workshops and conferences around the local area.

Until then…have a great winter!

my antique typewriter photo logo sheree sig


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Folly Beach Dances now available – THE MIZZOU STORE, Univ of Missouri, Columbia

Super excited!

Folly Beach Dances is now available at THE MIZZOU STORE through December 11, 2015, at the University of Missouri in Columbia. If you have friends in the area, tell them to stop by and pick up a copy. The lyrical book with beach scenes, and poetry and prose by 6 award-winning Missouri women authors, would make a great Christmas gift

Click on the link above to their site.

November 7 is the University of Missouri, ShowMe Writers Masterclass,

Folly Beach Pier

Folly Beach Pier




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Photo of the Day….Folly Beach

I just had to share this photograph captured last October in South Carolina during our Folly Beach Dances book tour.

A busy day, we still found time for a leisurely stroll on the beach as the sun was setting.

“As the sun drops below the horizon, objects and people take on a vintage postcard effervescence, as life slows on Folly Beach…”

~ Sheree K Nielsen

DSC_1162 Nightime on Folly darker copry




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Love note to Folly Beach

Just want to thank The Folly Current for publishing our story, and the FOLLY BEACH DANCES story titled “A Dance for Folly” in their June publication.

Editor, Lorne Chambers, did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the book, and its authors Sheree and Russell Nielsen.

Click here to read the full article

FOLLY BEACH DANCES_casebound_cover - FRONT ONLYDSC_0359 Possible back cover sansumi font




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Da Vinci Eye Award Winner and Art Category Finalist – FOLLY BEACH DANCES

Folly Beach Dances was named one of six Da Vinci Eye Award winners for 2015 from the Eric Hoffer Foundation. The Da Vinci Eye Award is given to those books exhibiting excellence in book cover design. We were an Art Category finalist as well.

With this distinction, comes a listing on the US Book of Reviews website. So excited and grateful!

Makes me just want to run out and get a cappucino milkshake!

capshake editHere’s the link to the Da Vinci Eye Awards on the Eric Hoffer website

Here’s the link for the US Books of Reviews

And finally, here’s a link to the Category Finalists on the Eric Hoffer website


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Da Vinci Eye Award Gold Medal & Letter – Folly Beach Dances

Received the Da Vinci Eye Award gold medal & letter in the mail over the weekend for Folly Beach Dances – our ‘healing’ coffee table book. What an honor!

Today, May 4, 2015, marks the one year anniversary of our book launch for Folly Beach Dances!

DSC_1595 book, letter, da vinci eye award 2

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Folly Beach Dances – 2015 da Vinci Eye Award Winner (Eric Hoffer Foundation)

The morning of April 20, I opened my email to find a lovely message about our ‘healing’ coffee table book, FOLLY BEACH DANCES –

“Congratulations! Your title has won the da Vinci Eye for the current Eric Hoffer Award season. The da Vinci Eye is given in honor of the Leonardo da Vinci and awarded to superior book covers artwork each year. This is a special distinction beneath the Eric Hoffer Award umbrella. (Your book is still being considered for category, press, and grand prizes.)”

Needless to say, I was overjoyed. I shared the news with my hubby, Russell Nielsen, who collaborated on this book, as well as my book designer Kristina Blank Makansi, who came up with the gorgeous font and design to showcase the photo I took of a Folly Beach dock near the ‘washout’ shortly after the tropical storm a few years ago.

The book would not have been possible without contributions from my writer colleagues and friends –

Marcia Gaye, Mary Horner, Patt Hollinger-Pickett, Tina Solomon, Pat Wahler, Russell Nielsen, and Debbie Kersting

And endorsements by the following friends, best-selling authors, photographers, media people, business owners –

Karen White, Sandra Carrington-Smith, Tracy Hoobyar, Max Gersh, Dianna Graveman, Craig Burhart, Deborah Marshall, and Joe Palazzolo

Thank you all so much! You made this book real! And for a debut book, in the words of Kristy Makansi, “We done good.”

We will be receiving a gold medal in the mail, and gold ‘winner’ seals will be available for the book.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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